Soldier suffering from PTSD lashes out at State Control Committee
Soldier suffering from PTSD lashes out at State Control CommitteeKnesset Channel

Avichai Levy, an IDF soldier suffering from PTSD, lashed out at the State Control Committee, chaired by MK Mickey Levy, during a discussion on the Ministry of Defense's treatment of post-trauma victims from the current war, claiming that the state is not responding to people like him.

"How many Eliran Mizrahi’s do you need? Why lie to us? My friends have been taken hostage and others are experiencing missiles and shootings all day. All the ministers are ignoring us. They have all turned their backs on us. They are all spitting in our faces. They underestimate our intelligence," Levy claimed.

The referenced Eliran Mizrahi, was a father of four and D-9 bulldozer operator in the IDF reserves who served for 78 days in the Gaza Strip and committed suicide earlier this month after suffering from PTSD.

He added, "My financial situation is terrible. I am in a million shekel in debt. I can't live and can't get loans. I can see that in a few months, I will be thrown out on the street. When I walk down the street all I can see is Itai Amar, who we buried this week, and my brother, Eliran Mizrahi. Stop sitting and doing nothing. Don't lie to us – this is the truth: there was no one to take care of us then and there isn't anyone now."

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