MK Yitzhak Kroizer
MK Yitzhak KroizerDanny Shem Tov, Knesset Spokesoffice

MK Yitzhak Kroizer of Otzma Yehudit strongly criticizes Construction and Housing Minister Yitzhak Goldknopf, who claimed last night that the state does not really want to recruit the haredim.

"Unfortunately, you see that the haredi sector is not so connected to what is happening to the people of Israel. This is a painful and detached statement," Kreuzer said in an interview with Radio 103FM.

The MK added: "Anyone who has not faced the fact that the State of Israel is fighting for its existence is not living on this planet. We also heard the Chief Rabbi, unfortunately, in a detached statement, and there is an immediate need to connect the haredi sector to the Israeli Zionist identity. We know that those who charge against the enemy do so out of a sense of mission to the nation and the country, and not by virtue of some law. We must sort this situation out through communication."

According to Kroizer, "The law is difficult because it must come from inside the haredi society. After Simchat Torah, this sector was expected to understand the magnitude of the situation. For the first time since the establishment of the State of Israel, the law should be bringing the haredim into the army with consent. There are numerical targets. We can continue attacking this sector and win political sympathy, but I want to be practical and bring the haredi society into the security system of the State of Israel. I don't want to do it by force, and if we continue with the same approach, we are going to reach the same results.”