Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuAvshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, attacked the High Court of Justice following its decision to freeze the State Comptroller's investigation of the major IDF and Shin Bet failure to anticipate the October 7th attack.

"What are they trying to hide? If there was no treason, why are they so afraid that external and independent parties will check what happened?" Netanyahu Jr. wondered.

He added, "To this day, no one has explained why they did not inform the Prime Minister about the conversation held the night before October 7th. Why was he not informed about the material discovered as part of the Walls of Jericho intelligence report? Why did the heads of the army and intelligence constantly claim that Hamas was deterred? Where was the Air Force on 7.10"?

The Prime Minister's son also criticized the attempts to establish a state commission of inquiry and claimed that it was a purely political move. "A state investigation committee, despite the pretentious name, is always chaired by a Supreme Court judge, and is therefore almost always used as a cover-up committee for the Left."

Yesterday, the High Court of Justice ordered to freeze the State Comptroller’s review of the IDF and Shin Bet’s failure on and up to October 7. "At this stage, pending the hearing of the petition given the complex security situation – I am ordering the postponement of the IDF and Shin Bet review."