Anti-Israel activist “Crackhead Barney” harassed film director Quentin Tarantino and called him a “Zionist piece of s**t” while he was eating at a New York City restaurant, The New York Post reported.

Barney posted a video clip of the incident to her Instagram account on Saturday. She is seen in the video marching up the stairs into Che Li restaurant on St. Marks Place, where Tarantino appeared to be sitting and enjoying a meal alone.

“Quentin Tarantino!,” she is seen yelling at the director. “Why are you a Zionist piece of s**t?”

Tarantino smirks and folds his arms, and Barney then asks him “Going to Israel?” as workers push her from the eatery.

The video cuts to Tarantino walking down the stairs, leaving the restaurant, where he is met with a rowdy crowd yelling at him on the sidewalk.

“Watch out guys,” Tarantino says calmly as he tries to shuffle his way through the crowd of Barney’s fellow protesters to a limo that was waiting for him in the street. His driver can be seen putting his arm around him and leading him to the backseat.

Barney then yells, “Free Palestine!”

Tarantino, 61, is married to Israeli singer Daniella Pick, daughter of iconic Israeli pop musician Svika Pick. The couple live in Tel Aviv with their two children.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel in 2021, Tarantino spoke about his new life in Tel Aviv and revealed that he had learned several words in Hebrew, but not enough to hold a conversation.

In 2022, Tarantino received an honorary degree—“Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa”—from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

A week after Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, Tarantino visited a military base in southern Israel and met with IDF troops, taking selfies and raising morale.

Barney, meanwhile, made headlines earlier this year after she harassed actor Alec Baldwin with a pro-Palestinian Arab tirade in an NYC coffee shop. She has been up to similar hijinks across the country for more than a decade, noted The New York Post.