Anti-Israel protestors
Anti-Israel protestorsEliran Aharon

I have always preached strength through power. Be prepared for antisemitism in every generation. I have never been a warmonger, nor do I seek violence. However, the world stood by and let Hitler and the Nazis take control of countries through their might. They cared little for the Jews and stood by while six million perished.

The world today denies the atrocities done by Hamas, including murder, torture, burning babies alive and rape. Hamas has a great propaganda machine, not unlike that of Nazi Germany.

The world wants to believe that the Israelis are the monsters, even though they are defending themselves. The United Nations is no friend to Israel and spreads lies to the world.

Jews should take courses in self defense. The Jewish students on college campuses are attacked by former friends who believe Hamas is the victim. Liberal college professors have blinded these students with false information leading to anti-Zionism and antisemitism. Certain television stations and newspapers lead us to believe that Israel murders innocent civilians, while denying that Hamas uses civilians as shields.

Life means nothing to them. Jews must remember that in every generation a new Hitler arises.

Send your children to colleges with a strong Hillel and Chabad. Seek out schools in Israel; attend Yeshiva University and Touro college. When challenged by pro-Palestinian Arab terorist mobs we must confront them with equal amounts of people supporting Israel.

Silence on our part is not golden. We must act like Israelis; be proud and stand up against our enemies with courage. As Jews, learn all you can about your enemy and be able to answer all their lies and deception.

I served on a state Holocaust commission for nine years. I kept asking what the proof is that Holocaust education make a difference. Antisemitism is the worst it has been since the Shoah. Did the current college protestors and agitators learn about the Holocaust in High School?

I will continue writing books on the Holocaust, teaching Holocaust and fighting antisemitism. More must be done to teach our Jewish students in day schools and yeshivot. about antisemitism and Zionism. We must seek the help of the Christian community and other minorities.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Black and Brown communities were attacked and villainized? I can assure you they would not stand idly by and would not be afraid to protest in the streets. Rabbis and Jewish leaders need to speak out.

The writer serves as spiritual leader in Edison, New Jersey and is the son of Holocaust survivors.