Elon Waiss' family
Elon Waiss' familyArutz Sheva

The family of Senior Staff Sergeant Major Elon Waiss, who fell in battle in Gaza, spoke to the media before leaving for his funeral, calling for unity.

“Today is a very sad day for all of us, as a personal family and as the nation of Israel,” said Elon’s eldest son, “but we are continuing with our heads held high. We believe in our just path, in the Torah of Israel and the people of Israel.”

He added: "With God's help we will win this war and the entire nation of Israel will know no more sorrow. We will learn to see the good."

Waiss, 49, from Psagot was a 10th-grade teacher at Amit Eitan Ma'ale Adumim, where he was described as, "A central figure in the school, a role model for his students and his colleagues."

Daniel Be’eri, principal of the Amit Eitan High School for Boys in Ma'ale Adumim, said that "Amit Eitan was Rabbi Waiss' second home. Education was the pivot of his life and his dream was to empower each student. He loved his students very much, and gave his life for them, just as he gave his life for the people of Israel. Our hearts go out to his beloved family and his students, and we will carry his amazing character with us forever."

His brother Asaf eulogized in an interview with Kan News: "My father told me that he spoke to him and said, "Enough, you have kids, there's your daughter's wedding," and he responded to my father – "Dad, you educated us this way, that Israel comes before everything, I'm here for the mission, I'll come back and marry her off."

Asaf also shared: "Ilan was a teacher and tour guide, he was an educator, a person who loved the Land of Israel – he gave his all. His wife Neta told me, "I never imagined, I never imagined, I was calm, I was relaxed, he was on the Netzarim route (a road built by the IDF bisecting Gaza from east to west), on the safe route." My brother is part of the generation of victory. That generation has taught us a lesson, but we have much to learn to be a victorious generation."

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