Fire in north
Fire in northAyal Margolin/Flash 90

The Government, today (Sunday), approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal to authorize Tekuma Authority Director Moshe Edri and the Authority to extend the period of lodging for residents who have been evacuated from their homes, in the hotels and temporary housing solutions, which are being financed by the state, until August 15 2024. This is according to professional considerations and an assessment of the overall conditions that would allow for the residents to return to their homes.

The decision, which was agreed upon by, and coordinated between, Prime Minister's Office Director-General Yossi Shelley and the ministries of Finance, Justice and Tourism, as well as the Tekuma Authority, was made pursuant to the needs and characteristics of the various communities in the area, against the backdrop of the ongoing combat. The decision is also in order not to harm the rebuilding and recovery process of the communities and to facilitate optimal integration in the return to the permanent communities.

On October 7, the residents of the area were evacuated to temporary quarters in hotels, sheltered housing, apartments and additional absorption facilities. In recent months, the Authority has overseen the return of residents to their homes in communities in the area or to intermediate quarters as per the damages and needs of each community. Approximately 70% of the residents of the area have returned to their homes in recent months.

According to the decision, the Authority will arrange the format according to which a date will be determined for the communities' return to their homes in coordination with the Finance Ministry and according to security and rebuilding conditions.

It was also specified in the decision that the Tekuma Authority would – in coordination with the Finance Ministry – organize activities for the residents outside the absorption facilities and community housing solutions via the local authorities in the area.

The Tekuma Authority will continue to a) work in full cooperation with the various Government ministries, authorities in the area and the communities, and will evaluate the needs on an ongoing basis in order to provide appropriate responses, and b) implement the strategic plan for the renewal and development of the area.