The three fallen soldiers in a joint photograph
The three fallen soldiers in a joint photographCourtesy

Three of the soldiers killed in action in the APC explosion in Gaza have been reported to have been classmates in the third-year class of the Shalavim Yeshiva.

The head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Michael Yamer, eulogized them: "There is something common to the three fallen together, and that is to do good both for God and for those around them. The open heart and the desire to do good for each and every one without considering themselves. When I spoke to each of them recently, they told me that they did not consider themselves important at all but rather the giving to the whole of Israel. All three were involved in endless giving and a desire to progress in God's work through giving to others. They were men of kindness, sensitive people who understood others, men of the people in two senses: fighting in Gaza for the entire nation and in everyday life by helping and giving to others, each to his fellow."

Rabbi Zecharia Rabinovich, who was the teacher of the three at the yeshiva, eulogized Yakir Levy: "Yakir Levy, may God avenge his soul, was a very bright, friendly, and amiable person. Yakir was very diligent, sharp as a razor. During his last visit to the yeshiva, Yakir sat with me for an intense study session with light in his eyes; his eyes were shining. He was very determined to succeed and not see the negative, to hold his head up high, and give his all."

About Shalom Menachem, he said: "Shalom loved the service of God, he knew that this was the truth and loved the yeshiva and his surroundings. He was always involved in helping and promoting matters at the yeshiva. He did everything naturally, heartily, and with great simplicity. He was simply a delight, shining and smiling. When he returned from Gaza, he was determined and with a spirit of bravery."

About Elyahu Zimbalist, he eulogized: "Elyahu was devoted to everyone. He had golden hands and was always ready to assist and help. He never held any good for himself, did everything simply and humbly. He loved the yeshiva and was happy there. He was always with his head held high and believed in the righteousness of the path. He strove for victory with all his might until the last moment."