Oz Gruber
Oz GruberCourtesy of the family

Staff Sergeant Oz Gruber (20), from Tal Menashe in Samaria, served in the combat engineering corps and was killed in the explosion of an APC in GOza. He leaves behind his parents, Chaim and Shira, and five siblings.

Samaria Yossi Dagan, eulogized him: "Oz, a handsome young man, one of our best, from a family deeply rooted in Samaria, one of the founding families of the town of Tal Menashe, fell today as a hero in the battles against our cursed enemies. He dreamed of serving a meaningful service, protecting the State of Israel, its people, and its land. When I sat with his mother Shira last night, she told me that he was a man of truth, full of heart, a great idealist, and added that she is sure that even if they asked him now whether to enter Gaza again, he would say that he would go in, even though he knew he would be killed."

"The Samaria family and the people of Israel embrace this noble family, pioneers and builders of the land on this difficult day. We owe Oz and his friends victory in this war and the restoration of national honor and security for the residents of the State of Israel wherever they are," Dagan added.

Chairman of Tal Menashe Yuval Botzer eulogized: "Oz, a son of the town who grew up here, served as a "connecting glue" for his friends and the youth. A hero on the battlefield, he always smiled. He gave a good feeling and assisted happily at any time. The son of Chaim and Shira Gruber, beloved residents of the town, brother to Yissach, Raaya, Moriah, Noam, and Shai. The town embraces this precious family!"