Gazans waiting to cross into Egypt through Rafah crossing
Gazans waiting to cross into Egypt through Rafah crossingAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Now Spain's leftist leadership has decided NOT to mind its own business by unilaterally recognizing the State of 'Palestine' – which is like recognizing the State of Panem – a country that never existed.

Ain't that like giving a blank check to crooks?

Spain surely confounded Black Shabbat with Black Sabbath – which is understandable since both authors sound alike and work for the same master. In either case, Spain's Globalists decided to grant Hell its first piece of real estate on Earth: Pallestan, a country whose degenerated inhabitants, like in Sheol, delight at the sight of anyone's suffering – even one of their own fellow brethren; a Death Cult from where a horde of Charles Mansons went berserk on October 7.

Spain seems to have a short memory as to what kind of weirdoes it is befriending. Maybe the Arab League's bribe was good enough to provoke amnesia. So much so that it has now joined South Africa's case against Israel at the ICC. But Spain's dim-witted moves already make it look like a fool since its Consulate staff refuses to work in the 'West Bank' because they feel unsafe over there. Voilà!!!

Israel, however, won't waste her time making such a counterproductive move as unilaterally recognizing the 'State of Catalonia'… "From the River to the Sea, Catalonia will be free." Israel minds its own business.

As for Norway, its leadership accused Israel of being an apartheid state a few years ago for protecting herself with a security fence – which reduced terror attacks by 90% by the way – but lo and behold, that holier-than-thou Scandinavian country erected a security fence when faced with asylum seekers.

It's easy to blame others while comfortably seated in front of your TV screen but it's a whole different story when reality catches up with you, isn't it? Funny how you consider something a crime for someone but that same 'crime' suddenly becomes an honorable solution for you. Funny that there were no UN resolutions condemning Norway's wall. (How strange ;-) Neither was it ever accused of racism, apartheid or crime against humanity.

Norway has lost its way! Should we now call it 'No Way'? As for IRE land, its leadership is always mad at someone, and more often than not at Israel since it is the easiest target around.

Welcome to the Cheap Shot Club.

These western countries deliberately chose to turn a blind eye to the fact that Hamas and its groupies OPPOSE DEMOCRACY – except of course if they themselves are elected. (Then good luck to get rid of them afterwards.) They OPPOSE MONARCHY (unless they are the kings). They OPPOSE ANY GOVERNMENT (unless they themselves are the rulers). And they OPPOSE ALL DICTATORSHIPS (unless they themselves are the ones who tyrannize).

And for a good reason: Hamas and its groupies don't ask, they demand. They don't criticize, they accuse. They don't negotiate, they seize. They don't plan, they hatch up a scheme. They don't reconcile, they kill. They don't love, they exploit.

These realities are obvious even to the blind. Seeing the enemies of Israel all along history, and again nowadays, it's not hard to know who is on the right side. On the one hand: barbarism, oppression and dictatorship. On the other hand: diversity, civilization, tolerance, order, democracy at its best, knowledge, reason, dialogue, self-control, restraint, growth and evolution.

So you now know why it is impossible for Hamas to engage in NORMALization since the basic criteria is to be NORMAL.

Hence, the question is quite simple: would you rather have Israel or Hamas as your next door neighbor? You say Hamas? Then why don't you cross to Jordan? Rania, its 'Palestinian' Queen, is waiting for you over there.

Jordan is the genuine historical « 'Palestinian' State ». There are about as many people in Jordan than in Israel with the difference that the majority is made up of 'Palestinian Arabs'. And it's four times bigger than the Jewish State. So there is absolutely no need for a second « 'Palestinian' State », there is plenty of room there for all the Gazans.

Enough trouble already.

Marc 'Edge' Doyon is with Légende Communication, Quebec, Canada, where he is a computer graphic artist specializing in visual communication.