Shalom Menachem
Shalom MenachemC

Sergeant Shalom Menachem, 21 years old from Beit El, has been named as one of the victims of the APC disaster in Rafah, which left eight soldiers dead.

"Shalom Menachem was raised in Beit El and is survived by his parents and seven siblings. He fought for five months in Gaza, defending the State of Israel's security, and fell as a hero while serving in his role. The funeral details will be announced, later," an announcement read.

"The Beit El Council is in contact with the family and supporting them during their difficult hour, together with the relevant bodies."

Beit El Council chief Shai Alon mourned, "The residents of Beit El are mourning the fall of Shalom Menachem in the APC disaster in Rafah. He was a combat engineer, the firstborn son of Yehuda and Tamar, and twin brother to a Givati soldier and another six brothers and sisters. Our hearts are with the family's heaviest loss, upon the announcement of the bitter news. The pain is unfathomable. Shalom fell as a hero in the war for our existence, and that is how he will be remembered forever."

He added, "Shalom was an introverted person, quiet and modest, whose acted with pleasantness towards everyone. He had a light in his eyes and a giant soul, which we will greatly miss."

Rabbi Zechariya Rabinowitz, one of Shalom's teachers, said, "Shalom loved serving G-d. he knew that this was the truth and loved the yeshiva and his environment. He was always very connected to helping and advancing matters in the yeshiva. He did everything naturally, with love, with great simplicity. He was simply lovely, smiling and happy. When he returned from Gaza he was determined and he had a spirit of bravery."