Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV channel published a short video on its Telegram channel detailing the "consequences of the Al-Aqsa Flood on the Zionist entity."

The "Al-Aqsa Flood" is Hamas' term for the October 7 massacre.

At the top of Hamas's achievements in the October 7 attack, the Al-Aqsa channel lists the killing of over 2,500 Israelis, the kidnapping of more than 250, including senior officers, the evacuation of over a million residents from their homes in the south and the north, and the complete collapse of the perception of the IDF as an undefeated army.

The Al-Aqsa channel also notes that the October 7 attack thwarted the normalization plan with Arab countries, harmed the "Deal of the Century," shattered the internal unity among the "enemy," and created a deep rift between the parties.

Additionally, the issue of "Palestine" returned to the central status among the Arab and Islamic nations, all arenas of confrontation were activated in the "historic campaign," the hope for release among security prisoners was revived, there was a decrease in Israeli tourism, investments shrank, the economy contracted, and Israel became an accused party in the International Criminal Court and the United Nations.