Benjamin Netanyahu and Yossi Cohen
Benjamin Netanyahu and Yossi CohenMiriam Alster/Flash 90

A poll published on Channel 12 News on Friday evening found that Likud voters believe that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decides not to run in the next elections, the next leader of the Likud should be Yossi Cohen, the former head of the Mossad.

On the other side of the political map, respondents to the poll believe that the bloc of parties that will face Netanyahu in the next elections should be led by Benny Gantz or Naftali Bennett.

The participants in the survey were asked: "If a group of parties is formed to face off against Netanyahu in the next elections, among the following personalities, who do you think is best suited to lead this group?"

15% of respondents said Naftali Bennett, 14% said Benny Gantz, 11% said Yossi Cohen, 9% said Yair Lapid, 8% said Avigdor Liberman should lead that group, 4% chose Gadi Eisenkot and said 3% Yair Golan. 25% of respondents said they do not know.

Respondents who defined themselves as Likud voters were asked: "If Netanyahu decides not to run in the next elections, who do you think should be the head of Likud?"

20% said they do not know, 18% answered Yossi Cohen, 12% said Yoav Gallant, 11% said Yariv Levin, 8% chose Nir Barkat, and Eli Cohen, Yuli Edelstein, Miri Regev and Gilad Erdan each got 4%. Amir Ohana , Israel Katz and Avi Dichter each got 3%.

When respondents to the poll were asked which are the two issues that will most influence their vote in the next Knesset elections, 55% answered the handling of the war in the north and south would influence their vote, 48% answered the economic situation, 41% replied the October 7 failure and 25% noted the issue of the drafting of haredin. The sum of the percentages is greater than 100 because it was possible to select more than one answer.

To the question of "is it necessary to oblige by law all haredim who do not study Torah to enlist in the army?" 66% of participants answered that it is necessary, 21% answered that it is not. This is also the prevailing opinion among voters of the Netanyahu bloc - 45% believe that the haredim should be required by law to enlist, compared to 40% who are opposed to the idea.

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