Freed hostage Andrey Kozlov: I saw a lot of rallies and it gave me a lot of hopeThe Families Forum

Six days after his rescue from captivity, Andrey Kozlov is urging the public to attend Saturday night’s rally at Hostages Square in support of the families of those still being held hostage.

"Hello, I'm Andrey Kozlov and I'm already in Israel at home. But a lot of hostages are still there in Gaza," he said in a video published on Friday.

"I saw a lot of rallies on Saturday and it gave me a lot of hope. I ask you to come and support families and hostages to Kikar Hahatufim (Hostages Square) this Saturday. Thank you, Toda Raba and Shabbat Shalom," added Kozlov.

The Father's Day Rally at Hostages Square, scheduled for 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night, will show support for the hostages' families as they mark this day.

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