Benny Gantz
Benny GantzMiriam Alster/Flash90

The bring.bibas.back Instagram page reacted to remarks by National Unity Party Chairman Benny Gantz regarding the fate of the members of the Bibas family who were abducted to Gaza on October 7th.

"We were witnesses this evening to the irresponsibility of a politician and the media which chose to publish a story without considering the family which is sitting at home and has to contend with this without any preparation ahead of time and could stop it," the page stated.

"The family is in constant contact with the intelligence services and we still wholeheartedly believe that we will hear good news," it added.

Shiri and Yarden Bibas were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on the morning of October 7, together with their sons, 4-year-old Yarden and less than 1-year-old Kfir.

During an interview with Kan News on Thursday, Gantz stated: "I think Israel knows what happened to the members of the Bibas family. The public will know when it will be possible to verify things."

The ex-minister also claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu prevented a hostage deal for political reasons: "For many months, this campaign has been carried out with an agreement on what needs to be done. Out of cohesion and seeing the interests of the State of Israel. As time has passed, this sense has changed. We have seen that other considerations have taken their place. For example, the outline for the hostages, sitting in the War Cabinet they conclude an outline, Netanyahu approves and passes it on to the negotiation team. After that, he gets pressured, makes a U-turn, and delays the team. All things were delayed for considerations that were not relevant. I didn't throw a match in the room and I left for months, I'm trying to influence what happens inside the room."