Noa Argamani and her father
Noa Argamani and her fatherMaayan Toaf / GPO

The first question Noa Argamani asked when IDF soldiers rescued her from her captivity on Saturday was about her mother, the Yamam soldier who commanded the team that found her said.

The commander told Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio), "We came to save you, we came to bring you home. The first question she asked was if her mother was still alive. I told her yes and she asked: 'Are you sure?' We told her we came to get you back to your mother."

Noa, 25, was one of four hostages who were rescued in a daring operation in Nuseirat on Saturday after they were kidnapped from the Nova music festival eight months ago.

Noa's mother, Liora Argamani, is terminally ill with stage 4 brain cancer.

In November, Liora published a heart-wrenching video in which she begs to see her daughter one last time due to her terminal illness.

"I am Liora Argamani, the mother of Noa, the beautiful girl who was abducted on October 7th by Hamas to Gaza. I am now sick with cancer - brain cancer. I do not know how much time I have left," she stated.

She added, "I want to get to see my Noa at home. I call on President Biden and the Red Cross: bring me my Noa as fast as possible so I'll get to see her."

Liora asked to send a message to her daughter in case she would not get to see her: "Noa, I want to tell you, if I don't see you, know that I love you the most. We did everything to get you out quickly. The entire world loves you."

In December, Liora wrote a letter to US President Joe Biden pleading for his help to secure the release of her daughter.

“I am terminally ill with Stage 4 brain cancer. All that’s running through my mind before I part ways with my family forever is the chance to hug my daughter, my only child, one last time,” Liora wrote, adding that she was “devastated” by her daughter’s situation.