IDF forces used a strange asset, a medieval-style catapult, in order to set fires that would burn away dry brush on the Lebanese side of the northern border.

The area targeted by the catapult is dense with thorn vegetation that makes it difficult for IDF forces to locate and identify Hezbollah terrorists approaching the border.

Early in the war, the IDF used Molotov Cocktails to burn away the terrorists' hiding places. Lebanese sources have claimed that the IDF also used UAVs and white phosphorous munitions.

In order to find a solution to the problem without using up valuable munitions, reservists stationed at the border decided to construct a trebuchet, a tool that can throw heavy or burning objects thousands of feet and was widely used in hundreds of European wars until the 15th Century.

The commanders were reportedly unhappy with this ancient weapon and preferred to use drones to accomplish the task.

The soldier stated that only one trebuchet was constructed and there are no intentions to use it for any other missions.

Commenters on social media expressed wonder and amusement that the IDF, one of the most technologically advanced armies in the world, would use such an ancient device.