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We keep hearing that Biden is at risk of losing the election, because the Jews of America have awakened and will be voting Republican.

Hence, Trump.

Halleluiah, the spell has been broken. Really?

Let me say this up front…that’ll be the day. Sorry to be so skeptical, or so downright pessimistic. But after all, Jews have been unable to kick the habit since FDR.

Nor did they switch parties when Obama set out to divide America between whites and blacks, which should have been a hint that Democrats are no friends of the Jews, who fall under the white category, or any category that keeps them separate and apart.

AOC and her gang should be another hint to the Jews that they are not wanted.

Those women ought to be enough to scare Jewish voters from siding with Democrats. Or so you’d think. For those ladies, Israel is anathema.

AOC, who gets homelier by the day, recently opined that she does not hate Jews, but they do not deserve their own country. There’s a word for her, and it begins with a B.

At the same time, American Jews support Israel, by a wide margin. Will Jews in the Bronx still vote for her? Likely, yes. It is so routine.

A contradiction? As we say it in Compulsive, most contradictions in life remain unresolved. This way or that, we must simply move on.

So far as Israel, a nation of many colors, but Jewish, Obama stuck it to them when he abstained for UN Resolution 2334.

He left it to Biden to award Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria to the Palestinian Arabs, and now, Gaza...if he gets his way.

Biden was silent when Made-in-America Nazis erupted on campus, and Jewish students were prevented from attending class. Still so today.

When that hooliganism started, Oct. 8, one Jewish philanthropist, Robert Kraft, announced that he was withdrawing his support for Columbia U, and this made a big splash.

For about a day. Fox News carried it as if to suggest that here we go, Jewish voters have seen the light and will be departing the Democrat Party in droves.

So far, no droves. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, stands alone. Other Jewish benefactors are said to be “thinking” about pulling back their billions.

What is there to THINK when Jewish kids here in America are experiencing Germany of the 1930s?

As of this writing, they are still thinking, as are some of my Jewish friends and neighbors. But they will not commit. Apparently, Trump remains a bridge too far.

Makes no difference when I remind them that when Trump was president, there was no war in Ukraine or Gaza.

Doesn’t that mean anything? Yes…something to think about. Period. End of discussion.

Meantime, we have just learned, Biden is replenishing the Palestinian Arabs with a jackpot of $404 million, a sum of which is sure to fall into the hands of Hamas, the monsters who committed the worst atrocity since the Holocaust, all that from Biden while Israel is at war, and losing its most gallant men, to root them out.

How can you vote for this guy? Well, they shrug, Biden is flawed, but at least he is not Trump. That’s the answer? That’s the answer.

About this there can be no doubt…we are living in an age of anxiety. In America, antisemitism has surged, migrants arrive by the millions, crime is up, the cities are unsafe, crooked judges and corrupt DAs rule the legal system…and for the first time in history, a former president has been found guilty over a crime he did not commit, but faces time in jail.

They were out to get Trump, and they got Trump.

After something like that, nothing will ever be the same again, and no one is safe, Jews least of all, should Democrats win again, by hook or by crook.

We live in a new world.

Yes, i agree. There will be a shift. The consensus has it that Jews vote 85 percent Democrat. This time, however, for all the hoopla, it will probably be 80 percent.

That is my prediction, and I am usually right, because I am a pessimist.

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