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Eliran Mizrahi, an IDF reservist who committed suicide after months on the battlefield in Gaza, will be recognized as an IDF casualty and will be buried in a military grave.

The IDF stated that following a consultation between the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff, and after an assessment by the head of the Personnel Directorate, IDF representatives notified Eliran's family that he would be recognized as an IDF casualty and would receive a military burial.

Mizrahi, a father of four and D-9 bulldozer operator in the IDF reserves who served for 78 days in the Gaza Strip, committed suicide last week after suffering from post-trauma.

An investigation by his commanders found that a meeting on the day of Eliran's death between him, his company commander, and an additional soldier was preparation ahead of the operational activity they were scheduled to carry out in the coming days and not a social meeting as was described in the preliminary investigation on the day of the incident.

Adv. Elyosef Shahar who represents Eliran Mizrahi's family stated: "The Mizrahi family won the fight, the Israeli hero Eliran Mizrahi will be buried on Mount Herzl. Soldiers fall off the battlefield as well, the state made a mistake but it came to its senses."