The soldiers of the Givati ​​Brigade are conducting precise, intelligence-based, targeted operations in the 'Shabura' area of Rafah. The troops are operating to dismantle terrorist infrastructure and eliminate armed terrorists both above and below the ground.

During the soldiers’ activity in the area over the past week, they encountered six armed terrorists who emerged from a building and fired at them.

An IAF fighter jet targeted the terrorists and eliminated them. Immediately after, the soldiers raided the building from which the terrorists emerged and located large quantities of weapons, as well as a tunnel shaft that led to the terrorists' underground compound.

This past week, during an operation in the area, Major Tal Pshebilski Shaulov z”l, Staff Sergeant Eitan Karlsbrun z”l, Sergeant Almog Shalom z”l, and Sergeant Yair Levin z”l, fell in battle. "These combat soldiers led the forces operating in the area with bravery and heroism," the IDF stated.