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The City of Amsterdam announced today (Tuesday) that it has started the process of replacing all the Chinese-made cameras in the city.

Sources from the Dutch capital added that the reason for this is a fear of possible espionage by the Chinese government, or the Chinese company itself, through the 1,280 cameras installed throughout the city.

The British government made a similar move last month when London reported that half of the cameras had already been replaced.

Britain promised that all Chinese-made cameras placed in sensitive places throughout the country would be replaced by April 2025.

This is happening at a time when the US is concerned with Chinese espionage through the Tiktok App, and the US House of Representatives has voted in favor of a bill that would require Tiktok to transfer most of its holdings to a non-Chinese company. The proposal was approved by a bipartisan majority of 352 supporters, with only 62 opponents.

The law states that if TikTok does not transfer its holdings within six months, use of the App will be completely banned in the US.

In explaining the proposal, it was stated that there is serious concern that the company’s current ownership structure poses a risk to US national security, because it is a subsidiary of a Chinese technology company connected to the government and it is possible that it is transferring data of American web users to China.