Anti-Israel protesters held a demonstration yesterday (Monday) outside an exhibition in New York City detailing the horrific events that occurred when the Nova music festival was attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

The demonstration, which was dubbed the 'Citywide Day of Rage for Gaza,' began at Union Square. Protesters marched to downtown Manhattan and the site of the Nova Music Festival Exhibition.

Video from the protest shows a woman leading the crowd in chants justifying the massacre committed at the music festival.

"When the Zionists decided to rave," the woman yelled and the crowd repeated after her, word for word, "next to a concentration camp, that's exactly what this music festival was. It's like have a rave right next to the gas chambers during the Holocaust."

"So this exhibit is nothing more than Zionist propaganda to try to justify" Israel's war against Hamas, the woman and the chanters continued.

Protesters chanted "Long live the Intifada" and "Kill another Zionist now." Banners that read 'Long live October 7' and 'Jihad of Victory or Martyrdom' were unfurled.

During the demonstration, protesters accosted Free Press reporter Olivia Reingold, who filmed the harassment she endured.

The Free Press stated that "while shouting 'blood on your hands' and 'genocide supporter,' they restricted her movement and blew air horns in her ears. One even grabbed her notebook and tore it apart, stomping on the pages—but she refused to leave."

Reingold was shoved by one of the protesters and was only able to leave after an hour when the protest had moved on.

She stated afterward, "An anti-Israel mob surrounded me for nearly an hour, tearing up my notebook, pushing me, calling me names, blowing an air horn in my ear, boxing me in to restrict my movement, but I refused to leave."

Reingold filed a complaint with the NYPD over the harassment and assault she endured at the protest.

364 people were brutally raped, murdered and burned alive when Hamas terrorists attacked the Nova music festival on the morning of October 7. It took weeks to identify some of them. Forty people were abducted from the festival and taken to Gaza as hostages.

On Saturday, four of the hostages who were kidnapped from the music festival were freed in a daring Israeli raid in central Gaza. Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv, were rescued after eight months in captivity.