Mark Levin
Mark LevinJNS photo

Popular television host Mark Levin tweeted this evening to rebuke the Democratic party for criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"I am fed up with these attacks on Benjamin Netanyahu by the Biden regime, the Democrat Party, and the American Al Jazeera media," he began.

"I am fed up with the attacks from certain Republican operatives, who are trying to make a buck off the Arab countries, such as Qatar and others. Netanyahu is and has been an extraordinary leader for his country, despite the best efforts of his enemies, foreign and domestic, to take him out. We have never, ever seen the kind of organized international campaign, headquartered in our Oval Office and State Department, and including NGOs and Democrat Party donors, target any ally head of state as we are witnessed today. It is disgusting. It is appalling. And the demands that Netanyahu abandon his country's sovereignty and well-being at the say-so of the Biden regime and its surrogates is unconscionable."

"Biden continues to send Blinken and Sullivan to Israel to plot against its government. He has put relentless pressure on Israel to effectively surrender to the terrorists who surround it. He has told Israel it must not defeat Hamas (what is victory, they ask!), they must not attack Hezbollah (which is constantly firing rockets and drones into Israel, attacking its people and infrastructure), he is using the UN and foreign governments to pressure Israel, and he has stated over and over again that after Israel surrenders to it all, he will force upon Israel a final solution, which Biden calls a two-state solution, requiring Israel to abandon 30% of its country (its ancestral homeland in Judea and Samaria) to the very people who are trying to annihilate it, making it impossible for Israel to defend itself."

"Netanyahu refuses. He knows this would ultimately destroy Israel. He is leading his country in an incredibly successful war started by Iran and its surrogate, Hamas, and funded by the Biden regime, which has enabled Iran to rebuild its economy, rearm itself and its terrorist puppets, and virtually complete its nuclear program. In fact, it is Biden who has undermined Israel's efforts, prolonged the war and increased casualties, including the deaths of brave IDF soldiers (Biden never mentions them)."

"Netanyahu has been treated like a pariah by the Obama and Biden regimes. He has been smeared by self-serving Republican operatives seeking to make a fortune off Arab governments, and a media that is hostile to Israel, filled with antisemites and Democrat Party lapdogs. The Biden regime's actions and public statements, as well as its diplomacy and coordination with a supportive media, have resulted in the spread of Jew-hatred not only in the United States, but throughout the world, the likes of which we have never seen in our own country and is reminiscent of the 1930s in Europe. And Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and the rest of Terrorism, Inc., are more emboldened than ever."

"Millions of us, patriotic Americans, Jew and Gentile alike, stand with Benjamin Netanyahu and the state of Israel. There is a reason both are extremely popular and supported in the United States, despite all the saboteurs, haters, and self-aggrandizers. And we will not be moved. We know good from evil. We know right from wrong. We know that those who hate Israel hate us, both here at home and abroad. We know that the attacks on Netanyahu are intended as attacks on Israel. We want terrorism and terrorists destroyed, period, as we have suffered from horrendous acts of terrorism and may well in the future."

"We know that Israel is fighting not just for its own survival but for us and our country too. The Islamists tell us again and again, openly, in writing, in speeches, with mission statements, and acts of terrorism, that they intend to destroy we, the people of the United States and, in fact, the entire western world. We have no patience for those who undermine Israel so they can profit from appeasing the Arab countries. We admire Netanyahu and the Israeli people. And we also know that the war on Netanyahu is led by those who wish Israel ill. The self-appointed elitists in and out of our government, as well as those in foreign capitals around the world, do not represent us. Indeed, they hate us. But we will not be fooled, silenced, or intimidated by any of them or any of this."

"We stand with Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu."