The commander recalls the morning of the Hamas attack
The commander recalls the morning of the Hamas attackIsrael Police

The commander of the Ofakim police station, Deputy Superintendent Nivi Ohana, recalls the battle against Hamas that saved thousands at the Supernova festival on October 7th.

"Shooting started everywhere. I ran to the stage, turned off the music, and announced to the crowd that the party was over. I immediately instructed the police officers to open all the emergency exits and start evacuating the people from the party."

According to him, the police went through the tents of the partygoers and called them to flee the place. "There were 40 minutes here where those who left did not see terrorists. We managed to get 2500 people out at the first stage who did not see terrorists."

In Ofakim, he encountered terrorists and was injured in the shoulder by a grenade. "I had enough time to shout to them 'Grenade, everyone lie down,' I lay down and got hit by shrapnel."