Anti-Israel protest in Toronto
Anti-Israel protest in TorontoFacebook

Pro-Palestinian Arab activists, including some wearing uniforms and donning masks, tried to disrupt the Walk for Israel event, which was organized by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto on Sunday, and in which thousands participated carrying Israeli flags, expressing support for the IDF and calling for the immediate release of the hostages.

Groups of pro-Palestinian Arab activists awaited the marchers at several points along the route of the walk, chanting in support of an “intifada” and the “Palestinian armed resistance”.

In posts on Instagram, the pro-Palestinian Arab activists expressed outrage at the increased presence of the Toronto police, who secured the march and allowed it to proceed without interruption.

Toronto police officers were described as "pigs" for using excessive force in securing the event and arresting a number of pro-Palestinian Arab activists who confronted the officers.

A group of members of the fringe Haredi group Neturei Karta participated in the demonstration against Israel and burned the Israeli flag.