Police guard synagogue in Germany
Police guard synagogue in GermanyReuters
For a few minutes, an Afghan migrant wanders around the stand of the civil movement “Pax Europa” in Mannheim, Germany. An Israeli flag flies on stage. In front of him, a poster with the writing: "Criticism is not directed against Muslims, but against political Islam."
Then he attacks Michael Stürzenberger, the organizers, and the police (one later died) with a knife. We know about the terrorist that he has been in Germany since 2014, that he is married, that he has two children and that he lives with his family in Heppenheim, Hesse. He seemed like a model citizen. A champion of the "diversity" praised by the leaders of politics and the media.
But according to mainstream media, it seems that there was a prior "incident" with "people" in Baden-Württemberg, where Shani Louk, the Israeli girl killed by Hamas, also came from. Not even such atrocities seem to be enough to put an end to the sleep of our Sleeping Beauty and to put the handbrake on the entry into barbarism.
In an unprecedented relativization, an activist who exercises his right to free speech is placed on the same level as a jihadist and made unceremoniously complicit in his fate. Anyone who dares to hold a mirror close to our psychiatric institution, commonly known as the West, deserves death. On social media, Stürzenberger is defined as a "Mossad agent" due to his pro-Israel position.
On December 1, the ordinance on the "ban on carrying knives in the city district" came into force in Mannheim. But since the Germans are methodical, the ban applies exclusively from Friday at 8pm to Saturday at 6am, on Saturday from 8pm to Sunday at 6am and on the eve of holidays from 8pm to 6am. It's a shame that the attack therefore took place on Friday morning.
Meanwhile, the rulers hide behind empty phrases with which they want to avoid addressing the connection with the two great taboo topics: the catastrophic migration policy and Islam. Western Europe is on track to become semi-Islamic in its cultural character, and very quickly.
In the same hours as the attack in Mannheim in Loyettes (France), a man destroyed a cross using a van. He tied the cross with a strap to the vehicle and knocked it down. Of Turkish origin, the man shouted "Allahu Akbar" before starting to pray at the scene of the accident. The police said he was "deranged". Indeed, what level-headed person would do that?
And during the same hours, Mathis, 20 years old, and Ibrahim, 18 years old, two residents of Verviers, Belgium, were arrested for the “Pati 2” project named after the French professor who was slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist on 16 October 2020. Mathis and Ibrahim had already purchased a machete. They first damaged the chapel of Our Lady of the Poor in Stavelot and trampled on a cross. “I am Muslim,” Ibrahim told the judge. “I accept Allah as the sole judge, I totally renounce your laws.” They wanted to kill a professor who "speaks badly of the Koran".
Three attacks in 24 hours, but for the Western media it is as if nothing happened.
It seems that all compass has been lost and the desire for a transition towards a new cultural entity is stronger than ever in Europe. It might be great, but it might not be so great...Surely such an unprecedented transformation cannot fail to have consequences. We are in the midst of an upheaval of our identity, our majority customs and our democratic structure that disappear in masochistic flagellation.
And then “diversity” will end and a new homogeneity will reign.
The time for political intransigence and cultural tenacity should have come long ago, but it is not without reason that "L'amour toujours" is sung in every bar, on every beach and at every festival of Europe.