Lions' Den terrorists in Shechem
Lions' Den terrorists in ShechemNasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

The United States State Department on Thursday announced that it would impose sanctions on the Shechem (Nablus)-based Lions' Den terror organization.

In October 2022, Lions’ Den claimed responsibility for several drive-by shootings in the Shechem area. Lions’ Den members opened fire at Israeli vehicles driving close to the nearby town of Elon Moreh, injuring a taxi driver and damaging vehicles.

In a separate attack, numerous shots were fired toward the town of Har Bracha.

In September 2022, Lions’ Den fighters injured and killed Palestinian civilians during clashes between Palestinian fighters and Palestinian Authority Security Forces in Shechem. In April 2024, Palestinian media reported that Lions’ Den fighters targeted Israeli forces with small arms at an Israeli checkpoint in Shechem.

"The United States condemns any and all acts of violence committed in the West Bank, whoever the perpetrators, and we will use the tools at our disposal to expose and hold accountable those who threaten peace and stability there." State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller wrote in a statement.