Michael Miller, CEO emeritus of theJCRC-NY
Michael Miller, CEO emeritus of theJCRC-NYIsrael National News

A prominent New York City rabbi was run over by an e-bike driver and suffered a broken leg, the New York Post reported.

Rabbi Michael Miller, CEO emeritus of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY), said that he was walking to his home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on May 21 when he was struck by the bicycle.

The driver looked at the rabbi for several seconds after the collision before driving off without a word.

“I fell on the asphalt and broke my right leg. I suffered a contusion on my left leg," he said, adding that he was fortunate not to have struck his head when he fell.

A witness called 911 and Rabbi Miller was taken to the hospital.

Police said that the investigation into the incident is ongoing and no arrests have been made yet. Rabbi Miller is a former police chaplain and has known New York City Mayor Eric Adams for decades. Mayor Adams called him in the hospital.

Rabbi Miller said that he is "lucky to be alive" and that he had to have a titanium rod inserted into his leg. He called for tougher laws and regulations against illegal e-bike and e-scooter drivers.

There is no reason to believe that Rabbi Miller was struck deliberately or that the incident was antisemitic in nature.