Terrorists launching rockets at Israel
Terrorists launching rockets at IsraelAbed Khatib/Flash90

A terrorist from Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades who launched five rockets at Sderot was arrested while attempting to infiltrate Israel and was granted a lenient plea bargain, Almog Boker reported on Channel 13.

The terrorist was arrested in 2022 while attempting to enter Israel and was charged with attempted murder, five counts of transporting and carrying weapons, and illegally entering Israel.

After he confessed and was convicted, he reached a plea bargain: 17 years in prison. The judges explained the reasons for the decision: "The lack of previous convictions, the time that passed, and because he has two children."

The judges approved the lenient plea bargain after they noted that "it is difficult to exaggerate the severity of the actions of the suspect who was a substantial link in carrying out rocket launches at Sderot, indiscriminate fire at the population with the aim of mass killing as well as property damage."

The judges continued to describe the severity of his actions, all this while sentencing him to a lenient punishment. "To our dismay, the reality teaches that these actions have more than once led to deadly results."