The scene in Sderot
The scene in SderotMDA operational footage

Staff at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon were forced to declare the death of a one-year-old infant who was found earlier on Thursday in a locked vehicle in Sderot.

First responders called to the scene found the 16-month-old infant outside the vehicle, in the arms of a civilian. She was unconscious, had no heartbeat, was not breathing, and was very hot to the touch. The first responders immediately began attempting to resuscitate the infant.

MDA paramedics Hillel Ga'al Dor and Yonatan David recalled, "We arrived at the scene and immediately began performing resuscitation, including cooling, massages, breaths, and the provision of medications."

"We evacuated her in a mobile ICU unit to the hospital, in critical condition."

Shortly after her arrival at the hospital, the infant was declared dead.

Following the infant's death, MDA turned to parents and school bus drivers, urging that especially during the hot summer days, those driving children take extra precautions and scan the vehicle at the end of every trip, so as to prevent children from being forgotten.