Antony Blinken and Benjamin Netanyahu
Antony Blinken and Benjamin NetanyahuHaim Zach (GPO)

The elected leaders of North America and Europe, who have long-shown themselves to be cowards, appeasers and just plain idiots, continue making ultimatums to Israel as to how it must wage war.

These leaders of western governments, many of them cowards who would never wear their own countries’ uniforms, are placing daily demands on Israel about how it should spare the lives of those who declared war on Israel on October 7 by murdering 1200 Jews, raping women and beheading infants.

Worst of all, brain-dead western leaders say out loud, or sympathize with those who scream that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

And because the object of the international agenda is to first handcuff and then destroy Israel, there is no action we can take---such as feeding the enemy---that will be acknowledged, let alone praised.

The ignorant and woefully uneducated leader of the free world, US President Joe Biden, has non-stop condemned Israel and early on in the war called Israel’s combat in Gaza “over the top.”

Had Mr. Biden ever read a history book, that word is book, you know Joe, B-O-O-K…….he might have learned that when waging war, people die.

Now, stay awake for a moment Mr. Biden and try to pay attention. Did you know that 67,000 Frenchmen died in American and British bombings in the build-up to D-Day? Was that over the top Mr. Biden?

Now Joe, just hold on for another minute. Did you know, Mr. Biden, that 125,000 civilians, plus 100,000 Japanese soldiers, died during the US invasion and combat in Okinawa in 1945? Was that, too, over the top?

Over the top Mr. Biden? 100,000 Japanese civilians were killed in one night of US fire bombings in Tokyo in 1945.

By the way Mr. Biden, the US and Britain dropped thirty times the amount of bombs on Germany during the war than Germany dropped on Britain. Maybe that was over the top Mr. Biden?

Perhaps, Mr Biden, you will need to sit in a circle, hold hands and sing songs with your woke White House staff when you realize that the US bombing of Germany was certainly “disproportionate!”

War means people die, Mr. Biden. Over 25,000 Germans died in three days of fire bombings in Dresden in 1945. And 40,000 Germans were killed in Hamburg during the July 27, 1944 US bombings.

And the list goes on and on Mr. Biden. Because there is no other way to win a war.

But there is one way to stop a war Mr. Biden. And that is to surrender and run away as fast as you can, leaving behind death and chaos. Remember Afghanistan, Joe?

Now, in the continuing lunacy called international affairs, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken, those guys who surrendered Afghanistan to Moslem savages and knowingly enslaved 14 million Afghani women, now want to tell Israel what to do. Maybe they know what is best for ourselves?

This is the same Biden-Blinken who spit on the graves of the 2,459 American soldiers who died in Afghanistan. This is the Biden-Blinken who told the 20,000 Americans wounded in Afghanistan that all of their suffering was for nothing.

And such people dare to make demands on Israel?

Biden-Blinken are also the pair who told the Russians that it would be ok to invade Ukraine, as long as it was just “a minor incursion.”

And how many times can these two be wrong? This is the Biden-Blinken who made the catastrophically wrong choice when they offered to send a plane to Kiev at the beginning of the war to evacuate Ukraine President Vladamir Zelensky.

Had Zelensky been Biden’s kind of man---meaning a coward who would abandon his people---Ukraine would have been denied their Churchill. If he listened to Biden, Zelensky would not have become the indispensable man rallying his country and the world in its fight against Russian aggression.

Oh, and if Biden had his way and Zelensky fled Kiev, Russia would now occupy all of Ukraine and be weighing which country to invade next….as a possible lead-up to World War III.

Yes sir, that Joe Biden and his Washington deep thinkers are real masters on the international chess board.

And we now see that the United States became Ukraine’s chief arms supplier so it could keep Kiev on a short leash….telling it how to fight its war. Does this sound familiar, Israel?

And how have Generals Biden and Blinken done in directing the Ukrainian war? In truth, they have held back on arms deliveries and worked overtime to make sure the Ukrainian battlefield would become a meat grinder with no winner.

And let’s not forget those other well thought-out White House initiatives. Mr. Biden’s pier in Gaza is about as good an example of what Israel can expect if it listens to those foreign policy midgets in Washington.

For we saw that in truth, Mr. Biden’s pier was all about the world’s lying, cheating and hypocrisy.

All Gaza aid brought ashore by the Americans was to be stolen immediately by Hamas terrorists, which was well known and approved of by Americans, who planned to look the other way.

And as a preview of the sheer stupidity of any advice received by the Biden administration, the Americans constructed the wrong type of pier, which quickly collapsed under the weight of waves on the Gaza shore.

Still, the hypocrisy is never ending about the now demolished pier. When the Americans last won a war in 1945, would they have built piers to deliver food, water and medical supplies to their German and Japanese enemies?

“But that was different!” the west would now scream at Israel.

What they mean is that it is different now because Jews are not allowed to defend themselves after the October 7 massacre. That is how it is different… is all about the Jews.

Critically, though, this is a time for Israel to be very clear-thinking about the weakened United States.

In the past, the US Secretary of State was the most revered representative of the United States, after the President. This was why his visits to foreign countries were both very special and rarely occurred.

Then comes the embarrassingly weak Secretary of State John Kerry, representing the even more embarrassingly weak Barack Obama.

Throughout his presidency, Obama hoped to shore up relations with Russia’s Vladimir Putin by weakening the US military and winning over Russia with college-boy words about peace and our shared humanity.

And the craziness was that Obama, a man who never accomplished anything prior, during or after becoming President, truly believed that his divine words actually impacted the dangerous world we lived in.

During Kerry’s 2013 visit to Russia, Putin was so moved by Obama’s world vision that he kept Kerry waiting for three hours at the Kremlin. And incredibly, Kerry, the top diplomat of the United States, did not indignantly walk out and return to Washington like, dare I say, a real man would. Instead, he just sat there waiting, as if he was subservient to Putin. Which he proved to the world that he was!

Then comes Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a John Kerry-clone and, unbelievably, a man with even lower hormone levels than Kerry has.

In an example of how far the United States has fallen, Secretary of State Blinken has been turned into a messenger boy, coming to Israel eight times since October 7 to yank hard on the leash carefully placed around Israel’s neck.

Of course, it is impossible not to ask whether Blinken has also been sent because he was born a Jew.

(Do you understand, Mr. Blinken? For all of your years as an insider in Washington, at the end of the day you are just a Jew. Don’t bother to apply for membership at a Washington-area country club.)

And while Jews focus almost exclusively on the diminishing Biden support for Israel, little is said about European leaders who have been so quick to abandon Israel.

Unfortunately, for over 100 years Europe has largely been a continent populated by cowards and appeasers who refuse to fight for their freedoms, while happily hiding behind the American skirt since 1941. After all this time, what Europe says or does is as meaningless as the foreign policy of the Zulu tribe in Africa.

Indeed, we fear that we are watching the end of Europe, as they again refuse to fight for their freedoms as the continent’s Moslems openly call for a European caliphate.

So where does this leave Israel?

During Israel’s War of Independence Joseph Stalin supplied the Jews with arms sold through communist Czechoslovakia.

In the 1950s through 1967, France was Israel’s chief arms supplier. And after 1973, the United States became Israel’s main source for arms.

In the years after 1973, Israel turned to the Americans as a matter of expediency….and it worked for everyone. This gave Israel the arms it needed to survive, and it gave America unprecedented influence in the Middle East.

Also, for years we believed that sophisticated American arms gave Israel a “qualitative edge” over our Moslem enemies.

However, October 7 proved that the only way for Israel to remain safe is by not solely relying on the most sophisticated early warning systems or latest weapons and technologies.

Israel’s true qualitative edge has always been our belief in ourselves as Jews, our will to survive, and our indomitable fighting spirit.

If, in the future, Israeli pilots are flying South Korean fighter jets that shoot Indian missiles to destroy our enemies, if we are placing technology from Taiwan into our tanks and performing military research in Singapore, we will continue to win our wars. And without American arms.

For we Jews must remember that we will not win future conflicts just because of weapons, but rather because of our Jewish heritage, families, faith and belief in the Jewish people’s right to thrive in our ancient land of Israel.

May the Almighty lead our enemies under our soldiers’ sway, and may He grant them salvation and crown them with victory.