Haredi students
Haredi studentsCourtesy of the photgrapher

An executive report by the Municipal Employment Authority in Jerusalem discloses a rise in applications to the city’s employment centers 2023, including new records in haredi employment in Jerusalem.

According to the report published ahead of Jerusalem Day, 3,090 new haredi employees were added to the Jerusalem job market in 2023, out of a total of 5,250, and compared to 2,985 new haredi employees added last year.

The data showed that the haredi public comprises more than 58% of all employment placements in Jerusalem. This figure reflects the continued upward trend in the haredi share in urban employment, compared to 52% in 2022, 50% in 2021 and 41% in 2020.

In addition, the data also showed that throughout the year 23,519 residents received services from the employment centers in the city, as well as the fact that the haredim make up about 30% of the city's population.