Dolev Yehud and family in happy times
Dolev Yehud and family in happy timesCourtesy of the fanily
Dolev Yehu Hy"d on Sky News
Dolev Yehu Hy"d on Sky Newsscreenshot

LelemSLP is an Israeli speech, language and communication therapist - and a fighter for truth.

No, Dolev Yehud didn't "went missing during Hamas attack".

Exactly like 9 years old Emily Hand didn't "went missing and was found" according to Irish PM. No, she was brutally kidnapped by Hamas Nazi barbarians and held as hostage for 50 days.

Dolev was a medic and on October 7 he left his home to save lives during Hamas genocidal massacre of innocent Israelis. Palestinian Hamas Gazans monsters chopped him into very small pieces that they then burned.

No, he wasn't miraculously "found" today. It took 8 months of forensic work to identify small remains of his skeleton.

Dolev was father of 4 kids, but he didn't get to see his baby son, because the baby was born two weeks after Dolev was brutally chopped to small pieces by Hamas barbarian savages.

Calling this horror "went missing and was found" is not an innocent mistake and not simply a poor choice of words. It's intentional propaganda made by enemies of Israel. Israel is vilified in media in every word, in every sentence.

No, Jews do not control the media, Jews can't do even mediocre effective propaganda, we are too naive and honest and they block us anyway. And meanwhile we are being chopped to pieces by monsters who are portrayed as freedom fighters (by antisemites and their useful idiots).

James Sinkinson is president of Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME), which publishes educational messages to correct lies and misperceptions about Israel and its relationship to the United States. Here is what he has to say about it:

(JNS/ FLAME) Recent shocking videos of Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre of innocent women, children and men graphically refute all the deniers of the terrorists’ slaughter and bestiality. They also leave viewers in gut-wrenching horror and bitter anger towards the jihadi monsters who appear on screen perpetrating savage cruelty and sexual violence.

Thus, when pro-Hamas demonstrators, progressive lawmakers and several European nations express support for a Palestinian state, we need no longer question what this means. We saw it on Oct. 7. We see it in the appalling videos. We see it daily on the streets of Arab and other Muslim states.

Let’s be clear: A Palestinian state no longer means “two states living side-by-side in peace and security,” as well-meaning liberals, including the Biden administration, have long argued. Hamas makes this lucid in its charter and its rule of Gaza. In fact, a Palestinian state means the ferocious murder of Jews, the destruction of the Jewish state and the rise of an Islamist tyranny led by brutish barbarians.

Hamas wants an Islamist state ruled by Sharia law—one in which women are little more than property, non-Muslims (infidels) are subject to apartheid-like discrimination and most forms of art, speech and entertainment are restricted or banned. Islamist states are devoid of what we in the West call humanity—tolerance, civil liberties, equality, democracy.

This is the future that pro-Hamas advocates support. We certainly hear none of them denounce such repressive conditions.

Likewise, Hamas doesn’t just want to replace Israel with an Islamist state: They tell us clearly that they want a global caliphate in which the world becomes an authoritarian Islamist regime.

Why do our news media speak of “Palestinian resistance,” yet ignore Hamas’s end goals?

Hamas’s quest for a global caliphate begins with the destruction of Israel and its Jewish population—currently around 7.2 million. They say they will do this by repeating the atrocities of Oct. 7 many times over until every Jew, “from the river to the sea,” is murdered. Next, they will massacre other “infidels” in the same way ISIS slaughtered non-Muslims during its tyrannical reign over parts of Iraq and Syria. Those who survive will either flee or become second-class citizens, as we’ve seen in countless Arab countries.

Once Hamas has destroyed Israel, Hamas believes, they and their fellow Islamists will proceed to conquer more territory. What they start in the Middle East they will extend to the rest of the world, including Europe and the United States.

You may have noticed that such “resistance” is already active on Western streets.

Just as ISIS committed acts of savage cruelty against its enemies, so does Hamas heartlessly slaughter Jews. On Oct. 7, they methodically murdered hundreds of Jews in cold blood. They raped, tortured, burned and mutilated their victims. Parents were murdered in front of their children and children in front of their parents. Why does Hamas behave so cruelly? Not because Jews oppress Palestinians… but because they believe Jews are infidels—vermin deserving neither respect nor human consideration.

In short, if Hamas succeeds against Israel, millions of Jews will be murdered. Steps to isolate Israel, such as pro-Hamas demonstrators, the U.N. and many “progressives” attempt, serve only to hasten a second holocaust. This explains Israel’s determination to defeat Hamas—definitively—in all of Gaza, especially today in Rafah.

Neither Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, nor the Palestinian Arabs want peace or a two-state solution. The programs of both Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)—which controls the P.A.—call for the complete destruction of Israel. Hamas rejects two states, and the PLO views the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel only as a stage towards Israel’s total elimination.

Furthermore, a December 2023 poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research showed that nearly two-thirds of Palestinian Arabs reject a two-state solution. Other polls show Palestinian Arabs’ wide support for Hamas’s war against Israel.

Why are these facts hidden by CNN, NPR, The New York Times and most major media?

Hamas’s goal is to destroy Israel and create a tyrannical Islamist state—a nation governed by Sharia law that is bereft of civil liberties or democracy, as Gaza is today. Women would be subject to a modesty code, requiring they cover themselves from head to toe. Their ability to work or attend school would be restricted, as in other Islamic states. Religious minorities would be attacked violently and rendered second-class citizens subject to periodic pogroms, as in Egypt and other lands. In Afghanistan, but also Gaza, most forms of recreation—especially where both sexes intermingle, such as music, dancing and sports—are severely restricted if not banned. Attempts to criticize or change the Islamic nature of the state are quickly crushed using arrest, imprisonment, torture, disappearances and extrajudicial killings.

Why has the media failed to expose pro-Hamas demonstrators’ and progressive politicians’ support for such abhorrent practices in Arab and Muslim countries?

Pro-Hamas forces in the United States openly call for America’s destruction. In Dearborn, Michigan, a speaker led a crowd in chants of “Death to America.” At the People’s Conference for Palestine recently, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) attacked President Joe Biden for continuing to “smear” law-breaking campus demonstrators. Finally, the executive director of the People’s Forum, the conference’s chief sponsor—Manolo De Los Santos—called for America’s destruction.

“We have to bring down this empire with one million cuts,” he said. “And those one million cuts have to come from every sector of struggle in this room.”

Israel is but the first step to a global Islamist caliphate. Islamists hope victory over Israel will cause a surge of Islamism all over the world. Country after country would fall to radical Islam. European countries that have recently recognized a Palestinian state would themselves seem ripe targets for future Islamist dictatorships.

Instead of emboldening Hamas and their fellow Islamists by promoting the creation of a Palestinian state that would surely become a tyrannical Islamist regime, Western countries, especially the U.S., should be supporting Israel in its just war to destroy Hamas and prevent the rise of Islamist tyranny globally.