Qatari aid truck on the Egypt-Gaza border
Qatari aid truck on the Egypt-Gaza borderAtia Mohammed/Flash90

An Egyptian source sent a message that Israel should fund the humanitarian aid to Gaza, Kan News reported Wednesday morning.

According to the report, Egypt is not satisfied with the rate at which humanitarian aid is entering Gaza, and has passed Israel and the US messages stating that it may be time for Israel to take on the burden of paying for and transferring Israeli merchandise, purchased by the Israeli government itself, to Gaza.

The vast majority of humanitarian aid brought into Gaza goes directly to Hamas, and does not reach the civilian population.

The source also said that from Egypt's perspective, Israel is the one responsible for the situation in Gaza. He explained that the reason Egypt sees Israel as responsible for Gaza is that "the situation is that Israel is the power which is conquering the Gaza Strip."

Egypt also claims that thus far, it has provided 70% of the humanitarian aid transferred to Gaza.