Sharren Haskel
Sharren HaskelIsrael National News

Pro-Palestinian Arab activists demonstrated in Ottawa on Monday against the visit of MK Sharren Haskel (New Hope-The National Right) and the sponsorship given to the visit by two Jewish members of parliament.

The pro-Palestinian Arab organizations called the meeting with MK Haskel "a shameful event that took place under the auspices of two members of parliament who support genocide."

Haskel was described as a "former soldier" who, as a member of the Knesset, submitted a bill to expand the “settlements” and annex part of Judea and Samaria, and who worked against funding for UNRWA.

"We are people of conscience who will not agree with sponsoring such shameful events that promote Zionist propaganda and support the genocide and ethnic cleansing of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. A shame. They are all complicit in genocide and there will be no peace without justice," argued the activists.