rocket parts and weapons found in school
rocket parts and weapons found in schoolIDF Spokesperson

There is a popular fan-made internet parody show called Dragon ball Z Abridged, which presents the anime giant in a more humorous manner than the original hit Japanese show. In episode 30 of this abridged series, the villain Frieza, a genocidal tyrant, expresses his frustration with his inability to kill the main hero, Goku, by yelling, “Stop that! Stop … not dying!”

This, in essence, is what the anti-Israel protests that erupted in the wake of the Hamas massacre of October 7 and the immediate and constant criticism Israel has faced since before the blood had a chance to dry have been about, the refusal of Israelis to die.

From day 1, these protests have seen celebrations of the massacre and calls for the mass murder of Jews. On October 8, the Democratic Socialists of America held a rally in New York City in support of the massacre. Demonstrators chanted “700,” which was the known death toll from the massacre at the time, expressing their unbridled joy at the worst massacre committed against the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Similar celebrations followed, with a crowd in Sydney, Australia chanting “gas the Jews” or, according to the police, “where’s the Jews.” One speaker said, “It's a day of courage. It's a day of pride. It's a day of victory. This is the day we've been waiting for!”

In London, fireworks were set off in celebration.

Hamas vowed to continue to commit massacres like October 7 until all of Israel was destroyed, and Israel haters around the world licked their lips in anticipation of the slaughters to come, their appetites for blood far from sated by the murder of 1,200 people or by the slaughter of Jews only in Israel.

But then something happened, the Jews fought back. They refused to be subject to another Holocaust. And not only did Israel fight back and wage a war to destroy the terrorists who seek to annihilate its people, but many Jews around the world began to stand up for their rights not to face genocidal antisemitism as well.

On college campuses, Jewish students and professors stood up to the bloodthirsty mobs attempting to intimidate them, calling for their deaths, and sometimes even attacking them. In November, about 300,000 people gathered at the National Mall in Washington DC in what was the largest rally of Jewish people in American history, a rally that could not have been more different from the hatefests virtually every anti-Israel demonstration turns into.

For refusing to roll over and die, Israel and the Jews have been accused of mass murder. For not allowing another genocide to be committed against them, they have been accused of genocide.

This is hardly new. Every time Israelis are attacked, an international movement does everything it can to ensure that Israel can do nothing to stop its citizens from being killed. In 2014, former CNN pundit Marc Lamont Hill, who would go on to make the genocidal slogan “From the River to the Sea” famous in a speech to the UN, lamented the existence of Israel’s lifesaving Iron Dome missile defense system.

By preventing the deaths of innocent Israelis, Iron Dome allowed Israel to refrain from striking back hard against Hamas and Islamic Jihad whenever they launched hundreds or thousands of rockets at Israeli cities and towns. But to Lamont Hill, this refusal of Israelis to die was unacceptable, even if it resulted in fewer Gazan deaths as well. Following October 7, Hill lamented that Hamas is depicted as a terrorist organization in the media, because their goals of murdering every last Jew on Earth are just so noble, apparently.

We have seen this from the UN, where figures like Francesca Albanese and Navi Pillay question or outright deny Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas’s genocidal ambitions. We see it now from the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice, which seek to hamstring Israel or prosecute Israeli leaders for the crime of seeking to prevent more Israeli deaths.

Israel continues its defensive war despite these attempts to allow Hamas more opportunities to commit genocide. This must frustrate the anti-Israel mob, those who called for “every day” to be October 7, for 10,000 October 7s, for Hamas to murder Jewish students in New York, and for a “Final Solution.”

Perhaps this is why an anti-Israel protester came to the Israel Day Parade on Sunday with a sign that read, "Kill hostages now." If the Jews refuse to die, then the bloodthirst of their enemies has to be satisfied somehow.

One wonders how many people celebrated the news yesterday that four hostages, Haim Perry, Yoram Metzger, Amiram Cooper, and Nadav Popplewell, were murdered by their Hamas captors. The hostages were supposed to serve as shields for Hamas and as bargaining tools to free more Jew killers so that they might kill again. But if the Jews will not cooperate by facilitating their own murders, the suffering and deaths of the hostages may be the Jew haters’ chief outlet and source of joy.

Antisemitic incidents skyrocketed immediately after October 7 and have remained high ever since. But the situation could have been much worse if Israel let Hamas get away with the massacre. Israeli inaction would have told antisemites around the world that it was truly open season on Jews everywhere. That this open season has not materialized must be a further source of frustration for those who have not had their fill of Jewish blood.

How many Jews have to die to satisfy Hamas, its masters, and their supporters. The answer is likely “all of them.” If all 7 million Jews in Israel were wiped out tomorrow, celebrations would erupt around the world among many of those who disingenuously protest a nonexistent “genocide” in Gaza today. The International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice would do little, and might attempt once again to treat the murdered Jews as morally equally to their killers. The UN General Assembly would pass resolutions celebrating the end of the Zionist entity, while so-called human rights organizations and officials like Francesca Albanese would bend over backwards to justify the second Holocaust in as many centuries. University professors and their brainwashed students would celebrate the genocide as “resistance” and “liberation.”

And there would be no protection for the under 10 million Jews who would remain in the rest of the world. Hunting Jews would practically become a sport.

At times, it seems that the entire world is telling Israel, “stop not dying.” Stop preventing another Holocaust. Stop attempting to free babies like Kfir Bibas. Stop oppressing the innocent Hamas freedom fighters whose only crime is trying to kill Jews.

We will not “stop not dying.” We will not give in to anyone’s lust for Jewish blood, whether they be in Rafah, Tehran, or the campus of Columbia University. We will not be forced to die by the ICC, ICJ, or the UN. We will not be sacrifices for the god of death Hamas and its fans worship. We will survive and we will thrive.

Am Yisrael Chai. The nation of Israel lives, and the People of Israel lives.