Islamists on Temple Mount
Islamists on Temple MountMuamar Awad/Flash90

Once again the cause of creating Arab state # 22 has emerged on the center stage of world opinion. That would be the second state for Arab nationalism, not first, in the original April 25, 1920 Mandate of Palestine’s territory. As is often cited, but usually ignored, today’s Jordan was gifted with almost 80% in 1922.

The recipient Arabs would be those who deny Jews their sole, minuscule, resurrected one—whether it’s 9-15 miles wide by the pre-UNSC Resolution 242, ‘49 Auschwitz/armistice lines, or 242’s which granted Israel a reasonable territorial compromise, where Israel’s extreme vulnerability was finally taken into consideration in the wake of the June 1967 War, started with an Egyptian blockade of Israel…a casus belli.

The Arabs in question mostly came into the land of Israel/Judea from elsewhere, and only in fairly recent history (despite largely fictitious claims otherwise) have renamed themselves “Palestinians.” The more historically accurate designation should be “Palestinian ARABS”—where Arab is the main identifying noun, and Palestinian is the descriptive adjective.

They speak the same language, share most of the same culture, religion, and so forth as hundreds of millions of other Arabs. Granted, there’s some differences among these folks, but no more, for example, than 40 million stateless Kurds who speak different dialects in Turkey, Iraq , Syria, Iran, and so forth. Or, for that matter, Jews from over 50 different countries who’ve been oppressed in many if not most of those lands.

The following two links show how in the public relations fight to deny Jews their one state, Arabs have tried to transform themselves into the “old” and “new “ Jews over rights of possession in the ancient land of Israel/ Judea: Here and here.

Here’s a PLO executive committee member paraphrased in the above second link:

“There are no differences between Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, and other Arabs…It is only for tactical snd political reasons that we now emphasize “Palestinian” identity in out battle to deny Zionism and Jews any rights to the land at all.”….Zuheir Mohsein, Dutch newspaper Trouw, 3/31/1977."

When considering the claim for a 22nd Arab state, please next consider such things as…

There are Moroccan, Libyan, Algerian, Iraqi, and other Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews who predate Arab conquerors of those lands by millennia.

Do they get to demand other states besides Israel because they perhaps decide to rename themselves “Moroccans” instead of Jews?

How about surviving Jews elsewhere around the world? Should those who survived the Holocaust in Ukraine demand a chunk of real estate over there?

Returning to North Africa, Morocco in particular, this would entail the outsider colonialist, imperialist Arab invaders and conquerors granting them lands that they and the other 35 million majority native Amazigh /Kabyle people had stolen and forcibly Arabized from them. The same story goes for some 40 million truly stateless Kurds and other victims of Arab imperialism, colonialism, settlement, and conquest since the 7th century C.E. onwards—native Egyptian Copts, Assyrians, black Africans, and so forth.

Is the scenario described above regarding Moroccan Jews going to happen? Are Kurdish victims of REAL Arab genocide going to get a state? Get the picture?

If not, then why should Arabs, regardless of whatever subdivision they choose to refer to themselves by and who already were gifted with about 80% of the original 1920 post-WWI Mandate of Palestine (after the Turks who ruled the geographical area for about five centuries lost it) with the creation of what would be renamed Jordan later in 1922, get to demand a SECOND state for themselves via grossly endangering the sole, minuscule, resurrected Jewish state in existence?

Looking back in history, Jews fleeing the Roman wars in Judea developed the date palm oasis in Medina. They gave refuge to Muhammad from his fellow pagan enemies in the 7th century C.E., and he learned much about G_d from them. That’s why Moses and other figures the Hebrew Bible are also prominent in the Qur’an. And the Arabs’ connection to Abraham, Jerusalem, etc. as well.

When Medina and other Arabian Peninsula Jews later refused to accept him as the “Seal of the Prophets” and otherwise chief honcho, he repaid their hospitality by beheading all the males and enslaving the women and children. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Hizbullah, and so forth learned his jihadi lessons well.

By the way, prior to Muhammad and Islam, Yemen once had a number of Jewish kings.

Should Jews wage war against Arabs to stake their own claims there…or to Islam’s now second holiest city built around the date palm oasis they cultivated over 17 centuries ago?

To purposely belabor this important point, Arabs, by whichever geographical or other adjectives they decide to define themselves, have almost dozen states to date, acquired via the conquest and forced Arabization of mostly other non-Arab peoples’s lands. They routinely call all of the region “purely Arab patrimony.” This dear readers is the real source of the Arab-Israeli, Arab-Kurdish, Arab-black African, Arab-Amsazigh/Kabyle, etc. conflicts in the region…not the age-old Hebrew scapegoat,

The leaders of the American State Department whitewashed Fatah/PLO/PA are no less rejectionist towards a viable resurrected nation of the Jews than the Hamas or Islamic Jihad beheaders of Jewish infants are. But there’s millions to be made if you decide to play the game. Arafat’s Swiss bank accounts were legendary. Mahmoud Abbas’s, the “Moderate” who promotes “pay to slay” can testify to this as well. And even Hamas’s leaders. Go figure?!

Finally, when does the cause of other truly stateless people in the Middle East and North Africa get to be taken seriously? Will “Palestine’s” champions, Ireland and Spain, promote a “roadmap “ for these people?

After that happens, perhaps discussion over creating a 22nd state for Arabs should occur. But not before there’s a revolutionary change in the overall supremacist, rejectionist Arab mindset which sees room for no other justice than its own.

(This is the main focus of the author's book which has been acquired by many universities all around the world… including Bethlehem University, the American University of Beirut, and Tel Aviv University in the Middle East)

Gerald A. Honigman is an educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Mid-East Affairs and has conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth. He gives lectures and participates in debates around the U.S.