French intelligence suspects that five coffins draped in the French flag, bearing the inscription 'French soldiers in Ukraine,' were placed near the Eiffel Tower as part of Russia's attempt to destabilize Europe.

On Saturday around 9 AM, three men were caught on security cameras approaching the Eiffel Tower and unloading five coffins draped in French flags from a commercial vehicle. The coffins had the inscription 'French soldiers in Ukraine.'

The three men placed the coffins on the sidewalk and fled the scene in the commercial vehicle.

Shortly afterward, the driver of the vehicle was arrested. He claimed that he had arrived in France a day before and was paid 40 euros by the other two men to transport and place the mysterious coffins near the Eiffel Tower.

A few hours later, the other two men were captured at the central bus station in Bercy, as they intended to board a bus to Berlin. They told police investigators that they were paid 400 euros by an unknown source asking them to place the coffins near the Eiffel Tower.

French intelligence suspects that this is another 'prank' by Russia aimed at trying to destabilize France.

In recent weeks, tensions between France and Russia have significantly increased, following French President Macron's statement that 'Ukraine has the right to use French weapons in an attack against Russia,' to which the Kremlin responded with threats towards France.

A few days ago, the defense ministers of France and Ukraine discussed the possibility of France sending military instructors to train the Ukrainian army. French police are now investigating whether the suspects caught last Saturday are also linked to the defacement of the Holocaust memorial in Paris about a week ago, amid suspicions that this too was an act planned by Russia.