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While Oct. 7th has woken up many Israelis to understand how the progressive left's ideology is responsible for creating the reality that allowed the Oct. 7th massacre to happen, public discourse in Israel, especially by the establishment media and from IDF senior command, still ignores this reality, even though they are today a minority in Israel.

Here is a fascinating list of questions that I saw posted that really sharpens the issue for people to think about:

-Which political ideology is behind former IDF Chief of Staff (and today leader of the Blue & White party) Benny Gantz's statement at a conference years ago on how proud he was that he decided to risk the lives of IDF soldiers in Sajaiya, Gaza in not attacking terrorists who were hiding in the local Gaza hospital?

-Which political ideology is behind the 1993 decision by then Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin and his partner Shimon Peres to sign the Oslo "peace" Accords that armed a known terrorist organization, giving them control of Jewish land, which, over the years, brought about more than 1,500 dead Israelis (not including the Oct. 7th massacre)?

-Which political ideology is behind the 2000 decision by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak to withdraw all IDF troops from South Lebanon thinking that Israel will be safe and that if Hezbollah tries anything against Israel that we would be able to stop it with international recognition to do what we have to do to defend ourselves?

-Which political ideology is behind the 2005 decision by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to destroy 21 Jewish communities in Gaza, while expelling close to 10,000 Jews from their homes, thinking that allowing the Palestinian Authority to self-govern an area without Jews would bring peace to Israel? And that, based on promises by former US President Bush, that if any terror would emanate from Gaza, that we would have full US backing to do what is necessary to end it?

-Which political ideology caused the High Command of the Israel Defense Forces to go back to sleep at 4:30am on the morning of Oct. 7th, without informing Netanyhau and the government about the warnings of an imminent attack from Gaza, and without calling up emergency forces to protect the border?

-Which political ideology is behind the statement of former Chief of Staff Eisenkot (and today #2 leader of the Blue and White party with Gantz) saying that Gaza is a civilian humanitarian problem, more than a security problem for Israel?

-Which political ideology made IDF intelligence head Haliva say, before Oct. 7th, that the most serious danger to Israel is climate change? (No wonder he turned off his mobile phone while on vacation the night of October 7th)

-Which political ideology caused the leaders of IDF intelligence to ignore the actual words, statements and threats of the Arabs in Arabic, year after year?

-Which political ideology caused Israel's Supreme Court to force Israel to allow Hamas demonstrations near the Gaza border fence, endangering Israeli citizens?

-Which political ideology stopped IDF soldiers, tank shooters and airforce/helicopter pilots from firing upon Gazans as they infiltrated into Israel and crossed the border fence on Oct. 7th on their way to massacre innocent Jews?

-Which political ideology caused the opposition to the establishment of standby classes after the massacre in the Gaza Envelope, the Otef?

-Which political ideology is behind the opposition to the distribution of weapons to rapid response civilian teams after the 7.10 massacre?

-Which political ideology caused the IDF High Command years ago to agree to giving away the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights in "peace" deals? (Not done, thank G-d)

-Which political ideology is behind the decision making in Israel to give medical treatment to terrorists from Gaza, like saving the life of today's Hamas leader, Sinwar, responsible for the Oct. 7th massacre who we are searching for now? A certain political ideology is behind Israel saving his life!

-Which political ideology is behind Israel's Supreme Court making illegal a very important IDF tactic of catching terrorists called "the neighbor procedure", in which a local Arab accompanies soldiers to a house where a terrorist may be holed up, so he doesn't shoot, a tactic that saved our IDF soldier's lives?

-Which political ideology is behind not using the Israeli airforce to bomb terrorist squads from the air in Judea & Samaria before the 7/10 massacre?

-Which political ideology is behind the talk, even today after Oct. 7th, of giving away Judea & Samaria to Arab Muslim terrorists of the Palestinian Authority?

The answer to all these questions:
The "progressive" (really regressive) leftist political ideology is responsible for all of those decisions by the IDF senior command and the justice system.

This "progressive" ideology stems from a basic naivety when facing reality in addition to a lack of understanding of the Arabic/Muslim culture of the Middle East in which we live.

Unfortunately, for some on the progressive left in Israel today, it is even worse.

They are convinced even now, post Oct. 7th, that the real danger to the country is not the genocidal IslamoNazis of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, Iran or Qatar, but the Jewish right-wing.

They seriously believe that Netanyahu is a bigger danger to Israel than Sinwar (Hamas leader) and Nasrallah (Hezbollah leader).

It is an extremely sad thing to internalize.

And the progressive left's ideology is so dominant in public discourse in Israel, although it is not the belief of the vast majority of citizens, that even though it fails time and time again causing massive deaths in our society, it is forbidden to say loud and clear:

'Having a progressive left-wing view in a country surrounded by enemies like Israel endangers the lives of its citizens and the existence of our country.'

It was only because this dominant progressive left ideology still exists in the senior command of the Israel Defense Forces that they are able to inform the residents of the Bat Hefer community (near Netanya), which was shot at by terrorists in Palestinian Authority controlled areas in Samaria, that the IDF will be reducing the amount of IDF reserve forces used to help protect their community!

Is that logical?

Is that sane??

This is the mindset that still exists within the senior command of the IDF, the establishment media and the intellectual elite.

Hence, this is why I keep on saying that we will overcome our external enemies and our internal challenges. Step one is waking up to the mindset that this ideology has been the root cause of the security issues we have experienced since the Oslo "peace" accords.

We need people who want victory running the IDF and the Defense Ministry.

Hashem is with us.

Strengthen your faith in the one above. We will overcome.

Am Yisrael Chai!