Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, commented on the conflict between Israel and Hamas in an interview with journalist Yoni Kempinski at the Arutz Sheva-Israel National News Jerusalem Conference in New York City.

"When you see the rockets coming from Hamas or Hezbollah, you look at Iran. We must understand that the nuclear threat starts with Iran. This doesn't mean we shouldn't destroy Hamas, deal with Hezbollah, and control the Lebanese government, but it all originates from one source. One thing we discovered is the influence of the protests seen here," said Hoenlein.

He added, "Not only did we find Chinese money coming from Hong Kong to fund the protests here, but also money, influence, and training from Iran. It's all connected. When you see the war Israel is facing and the situation we are in, the entire Middle East could change. The government prevents the Europeans from imposing sanctions on Iran; it's illogical. Now is the time for that.”

When asked about funding the protesters in Iran and whether it is sometimes right to fund institutions, Hoenlein responded, "The Iranian economy is in shambles. They are much more vulnerable to pressure. The money they accumulated from the US due to the lack of sanctions imposed on oil exports, which brings them billions in revenue—this must stop. The West could influence what they do. Meanwhile, they are not only sending Iranians to the southern border, including Iranians, but also influencing campuses, including Qatar, which works with them. Turkey has invested money in universities, Venezuela, Qatar has invested $6.5 billion. They are building universities and high schools in Queens, they have given millions to set up Arab cultural clubs, but Israel is missing from the map.”

“Qatar influences kindergartens, high schools, and universities as an industry and has invested millions of dollars in this country, which we will pay for in the end. It's time we don't stay silent and make them pay for it by law,” he added.