Nukhba terrorist in prison
Nukhba terrorist in prisonIsrael Prison Service

The IDF allocated 100 staff positions to the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to guard terrorists from Hamas' Nukhba force, but it turned out that over 70 of them were given to female soldiers, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the report, the IPS commissioner refused to accept the female soldiers to guard positions since in light of past incidents he is not willing to allow female soldiers to come into contact with terrorists.

A source in the IPS stated: "Having no choice, we will incorporate them (the female soldiers) into guard positions on the perimeter."

In light of an overcrowding crisis in the IPS, Chief Commissioner Kobi Yaakobi said that if the IDF would allocate 100 combat soldiers to the service, it would open an additional 500 spaces for prisoners in southern Israel.

Last January, the National Security Minister ordered the IPS to halt the utilization of IDF female soldiers in the wings that hold security prisoners in light of past incidents where female soldiers complained that imprisoned terrorists harassed them.

Sources in the IPS stated: "In light of past incidents we cannot put female soldiers in contact with terrorists. Instead, in accordance with the Minister's policy, we will put them in the second security layer of the correctional facilities.