Rafah crossing
Rafah crossingIDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is expressing its willingness to take part in running the Rafah crossing on the border of the Gaza Strip with Egypt with the participation of international observers.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ office said in a statement published on Wednesday that this position was taken in response to the green light given by the European Union's foreign ministers to send observers to the Rafah crossing, in accordance with the Agreement on Movement and Access which was signed in 2005.

The agreement in question was signed between Israel and the PA in November 2005, several months after the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip.

According to this agreement, the Rafah crossing is to be operated by representatives of the Palestinian Authority and international observers and under the remote supervision of Israeli security forces.

The military coup by Hamas in 2007 and the terrorist organization's violent takeover of the Gaza Strip led to the freezing of the agreement.