Arvin Ghahremani is a 20 year old Iranian Jew who has been condemned to death. He had the temerity of defending himself against a knife wielding Muslim assailant who had borrowed money from him, and who, with six friends, tried to kill the Jew.

But Ghahremani turned the tables, grabbing the assailant’s knife and killing him.

It is a classic case of a killing in self defense, a case of manslaughter not murder. Except that such an indictment would only apply in a democratic society where all citizens have equal rights.

Iran is not that society. Iran is a theocracy, a Muslim theocracy, where Jews are dhimmis, as they have been for centuries throughout the Muslim world.

A dhimmi is a contemptuously tolerated second class citizen. A dhimmi could not wear the clothes that Muslims wear, nor walk on the same sidewalk if a Muslim approached him.

And dhimmis could not defend themselves. They had to submit to abuse and attack, and not fight back. So Ghahremani violated the rules of submissiveness, and for that he has been condemned to death.

Where is the outrage over such a horrific condemnation?

If Ghahremani were a black man, or a gay or a Gazan, there would have been an international outcry against a massive injustice; a massive injustice that is not predicated on the merits of his case, but the circumstances of who the person is.

Unfortunately, Ghahremani is merely a Jew, and Jews today are of the privileged oppressor class.

So, deathly silence.

In its oppressive stance towards Ghahremani, Iran has ironically done the Jewish People a major service. How? By reminding us of what our lives were like before the State of Israel came into existence.

We were defenseless, we were at the mercy of those who could do with us as they pleased, with little or no recourse to forces of justice.

Ghahremani’s plight also provides a sneak preview of a world where, if its advocates have their way, Palestine becomes free from the river to the sea. This of course means the end of Israel.

As the protesters would have it, Jews should go back to Poland. Well, all those Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews will also have to go back somewhere. Presumably that means their countries of origin, including Iran, which would be more than happy to have them back as benighted second-class dhimmis. Something to look forward to, indeed.

So, notwithstanding the obtuseness and self-hating flagellations of Progressive Jews throughout the West, the situation of the Jewish People is, thanks to Iran, crystal clear. Forfeit your ugly, grubby self-defensive sovereignty, and you can once again live as unburdened and totally defenseless Jews.

When the IfNotNow and Jewish Voices for Peace “asaJews” join the chorus for the dismantling of Israel so that "from the river to the sea Palestine can be free," they are rooting for their own subjugation.

What these fools do not understand is that like the Jacobins during the French Revolution, the powerful actors on Tuesday become the victims on Thursday.

There is and will continue to be in Progressive ideology, as in all authoritarian ideologies, a fundamental distrust and hatred of the Jews, who have the nerve to assert their own particular identity and mission.

Arvin Ghahremani’s case is a travesty of justice and a stain upon humanity. But it is all of a piece with an ideology of hatred. Arvin may or may not support or even think about Israel. He might or might not be a supporter of the regime of the Mullahs.

Ultimately, none of these matters. What counts is that he is a Jew, and therefore deserves, indeed, must die in order to protect the honor and holiness of Islam.

So, in a very real sense, we Jews are all Arvin Ghahremani now, certainly potential Arvins. All we have to do is disparage the great blessing of our collective life – the return to a sovereign Israel – and we are well on the road to filling Arvin’s shoes.

I demand, for what its worth, that the world cry out for Arvin’s cruel and unjust fate. I demand that people of good will and conscience raise their voices and call out the barbarous conduct of the Iranian regime.

And I urge my fellow Jews to see in Arvin’s plight a wake up reminder of the need, necessity and imperative of maintaining and supporting the one place in the world where a Jew can have the confidence that he or she can be a Jew without repercussions, aspersions and the need to account for oneself.

Pray for Arvin Ghahremani (Arvin Netanel ben Siona.) and pray for the State of Israel.

Douglas Altabef is the Chairman of the Board of Im Tirtzu and a Director of the Israel Independence Fund.