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Pop star Dua Lipa on Tuesday accused Israel of “genocide” in Gaza while calling for a ceasefire in the war against Hamas, Billboard reported.

Lipa shared an Artists for Ceasefire graphic with the hashtag “#AllEyesOnRafah” on her Instagram story and wrote, “Burning children alive can never be justified.”

“The whole world is mobilizing to stop the Israeli genocide,” she added. “Please show your solidarity with Gaza.”

Her comments follow an Israeli strike in Rafah in which two senior Hamas terrorists were eliminated, but which Hamas claimed killed dozens of Gazans who fled their homes and were housed in a nearby tent.

On Monday, a US official said that Israel has told the Biden administration that it used a precision munition to hit the target in Rafah, but shrapnel from the explosion ignited a fuel tank nearby and started a fire that engulfed a camp for Gazans who fled their homes and led to dozens of deaths.

“We can’t confirm that but it’s what Israel shared with us,” the official said, “and we assume we will learn more once Israel completes its investigation.”

The United States has not been able to independently confirm the Israeli explanation, the official said.

On Tuesday, the IDF released a recording of a conversation between two Gazans who said that the deadly blast on Sunday was in fact caused by a Hamas ammunition warehouse.

Lipa has in the past been critical of Israel. In 2020, the singer sparked outrage by sharing an anti-Israel and anti-IDF post on Instagram.

"The big bad tough guys of the IDF thoroughly enjoy beating and shooting children," she wrote in that post, before accusing the Israeli government of being "fake Jews" that created Hamas.

In 2021, The New York Times ran a full-page ad from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and the World Values Network accusing Lipa of antisemitism due to her anti-Israel comments. Lipa at the time pushes back against the ad and invited then-Times editor Dean Baquet on to her podcast to discuss the “damaging and potentially dangerous” ad.

A few weeks after Hamas’ October 7 attacks, Lipa was one of many stars to sign an Artists for Ceasefire open letter urging US President Joe Biden to call for peace in Gaza. In January, she got candid about her stance on the war in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“My existence is kind of political, the fact that I lived in London because my parents left from the war,” the singer, who was born to Albanian parents in London, told the magazine. “I feel for people who have to leave their home. From my experience of being in Kosovo and understanding what war does, no one really wants to leave their home. They do it for protection, to save their family, to look after the people around them, that kind of thing, for a better life. So I feel close to it.”

“My feelings on displaced people [are] very real and raw, and it is a difficult subject to speak about because it’s so divisive,” she added.

“And I have to say this: I don’t condone what Hamas is doing… Every life is precious. I feel so bad for every Israeli life lost and what happened on Oct. 7. At the moment, what we have to look at is how many lives have been lost in Gaza, and the innocent civilians, and the lives that are just being lost. There are just not enough world leaders that are taking a stand and speaking up about the humanitarian crisis that’s happening, the humanitarian ceasefire that has to happen,” the singer told Rolling Stone.