French member of parliament Sébastien Delogu waved the Palestinian flag during a debate in a plenary session, and the chairman of the session stopped the debate.

The debate was convened at the request of members of the opposition from the left to discuss the IDF attacks in Rafah. After the debate was stopped, the Speaker of the Parliament said that sanctions against Delogu would be considered.

In response, Delogu said: "I waved the flag inside the most important French institution because while we speak children are being slaughtered with French weapons."

"I don't care at all about sanctions imposed by the president of the assembly. They will be a medal for me, a source of pride. My party is proud to be on the side of international law," he added.

In recent debates, members of La France Insoumise have been accused of not condemning the crimes of Hamas on October 7.

Delogu responded saying: "We are told 24/7 that we do not care about the hostages. This is a lie."