The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization published a video today (Tuesday) of Alexander (Sasha) Trufanov, who was taken hostage during the October 7 massacre.

This is a rare sign of life for the hostages who remain in captivity in Gaza nearly eight months after they were kidnapped.

Trufanovs mother Yelena and grandmother Irena, who were also kidnapped, were released as part of the November hostage deal.

Yelena told Channel 12 News about the harsh conditions she and her fellow hostages were kept in. "There was a time when there was no water, we were 15 people crammed into a small space, it was very difficult to breathe. I am very worried about the people who are left there, I am very worried about their safety."

"Sometimes it's very difficult, and there are more difficult days," Yelena added. "Sasha's friends and people I meet on the street - they hug and strengthen me. This is what gives me the strength to keep fighting until my son comes back. He is my only son, I owe it to my husband as well."