Division 162 in Rafah
Division 162 in RafahIDF spokesperson

IDF tanks on Tuesday entered central Rafah for the first time, as the IDF announced that the Bislach Brigade joined the brigades fighting in the area under Division 162.

The IDF noted that the Brigade 401 and the Nahal Brigade operated Monday night along the Philadelphi Corridor, attacking terror targets and infrastructure and working in a precise fashion, following intelligence detailing the locations of terror targets at the scene.

According to security sources and an official UNRWA notice, over one million Gazans have already evacuated Rafah, some of them to northern Rafah and others to humanitarian areas in Al Mawasi, Khan Yunis, and central Gaza.

"The operation is being carried out alongside efforts to prevent harm to those uninvolved," the IDF said.

"The forces are waging battles with terrorists, locating underground tunnel shafts in the area, weapons, and additional terror infrastructure."