The head of the Marom Galil Council, Amit Sofer, on Tuesday received threats and messages on his mobile phone, allegedly from the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

One of the messages said: "The only equation is: stopping the aggression against Gaza = your return to the north. Hezbollah."

Another message warned "You must understand that nothing will change here in the north after September 1st if the aggression against Gaza does not stop."

Sofer responded to the messages and said: "Hezbollah does not scare us, the ball is not in their court but with the Israeli government and its policies."

"We have already said several times: We have patience but the government should not interpret our patience as consent to a situation where the economy is collapsing and the north is losing its residents. I expect the government to bring back security to the north and take actions that will improve the quality of life in every aspect," he concluded.