Rabbi Meir Mazuz
Rabbi Meir MazuzFlash 90

Rabbi Meir Mazuz, head of the Kisei Rahamim Yeshiva, expressed satisfaction at the cancellation of the "Pride Parade" in Tel Aviv, urging that other cities follow suit.

Tel Aviv canceled its parade earlier this month, and Mayor Ron Huldai explained that, "now is not the time for celebrations."

"When those who return to Judaism begin observing the Sabbath, they begin to respect the Torah, they beginning to treat the Torah as something," he explained. "Here, all these years, they have held a Pride Parade. The 'Pride Parade' is a parade of repulsiveness. People are not ashamed to make such a parade - do you have nothing else to do?"

He continued, "And now, this year, the Mayor of Tel Aviv said, 'This year there will be no Pride Parade.' And may it be no longer. There should be no more of this Pride Parade! Because this parade is all about abominations, it is all about repulsiveness, it is all filth, it is all stupidity, it is all ignorance, it is all foolishness. There is no person in the world who has a brain who would do such an act."

Rabbi Mazuz noted that Arabs do not hold such parades: "There is no comparison, but the Arabs do not do this. Because they - they are influenced by Mohammed, who was influenced by the Torah. We need to do [that]."

"Here, this year, we have a year of war - we do not hold a pride parade, we don't hold it. Thank G-d - we have succeeded in something. Who are we that we succeeded? Him [G-d] succeeded, that they should stop with these evil acts."