IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF spokesperson

IDF troops are continuing to operate in the northern Gaza Strip, eliminating terrorists and locating weapons in the area.

Over the past day, the troops dismantled terrorist infrastructure in the Jabaliya area, including terror tunnel shafts, observation posts, a weapons storage facility, and a military structure used by Hamas. In one operation, a terrorist cell that had fired mortar shells toward IDF troops was eliminated in an aerial strike directed by ground troops.

IDF troops also continued to operate in the Rafah area. Overnight, IDF troops operated on the Philadelphi Corridor while conducting precise operational activity based on intelligence indicating the presence of terror targets in the area. The activity is being conducted as efforts are continuing to be made in order to prevent harm to uninvolved civilians in the area. The troops are engaging with terrorists in close-quarters combat and locating terror tunnel shafts, weapons, and additional terrorist infrastructure in the area.

In addition, IDF troops are intensifying operations in the central Gaza Strip. Over the past day, the troops identified terrorists operating within a structure in proximity to them.

Shortly afterward, an IAF fighter jet struck the structure and eliminated the terrorists. Simultaneously, the troops are continuing to conduct targeted raids on terror targets in the area and in one such activity located a weapons storage warehouse.